Community Learning

Community Learning? For a better understand, please refer to the link.

For me, I will defined community learning as a daily life experiences. We learn through with someone that we know such as friends, family, stranger, etc to create a better learning in our life. Moreover, we have been facing community learning all the time and I have just experienced community learning from my friend “Megan” yesterday.

As I mentioned earlier that I’m not familiar dealing with blogs in the post of “introduce myself”. So when my lecturer required us to create another page for “ICT and Pedagogy: Why and What”, My mind was like: “Huh? How to create menus tab? == “

Then I do some research in youtube about creating page in edublogs but I still can’t get what exactly my friends did in their blog. I told my friends that I created the page but the page doesn’t appear in my blog. From there, Megan assists me to create the menu tabs. Megan, thank you so much for helping me when I feel like giving up in my blog as well as other friends too. =)

You all had made my life become simpler and motivated.

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