Format my laptop

I hate my laptop so much. It’s so dumb and slow. I wish I could change a new laptop but insufficient money that I have.

Well, there is only one way I can do>>>>> FORMAT MY LAPTOP!!!

There are few steps to format your laptop.

1. Copy those important files from your computer. The reason behind to save your files before format because you might lose your data while you format the computer.

2. Still remember there is a few CD came along with your new laptop? Then you will have to format your laptop with the product recovery CD (Reinstallation DVD). If you do not have it, you could search online or as Bin suggested, use data recovery (Wiederherstellung) option to make the necessary CD/DVD. It’s not hard if you find the recovery management program (, 2013). So when it says enter CD/DVD then just enter the CD/DVD well, the necessary files will be copied. Please bear in mind that it may need more than 1 DVD.

3. Once you have found your recovery CDs/DVDs, insert the Reinstallation DVD first in the computer and it will start operate the system itself.

4. Follow the instruction during formatting. It may take up to 1 hour to format your laptop.

5. After format, you just install or download any software you want.


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